Instruction Manuals

Instruction Manuals

Welcome to the Exo Terra Instruction Manuals Hub, your comprehensive resource for accessing step-by-step guidance and expert insights on all our innovative products. At Exo Terra, we understand that creating the perfect habitat for your reptile companions requires precision and care. That’s why we’ve assembled a central repository where you can easily find and download instruction manuals for a wide range of Exo Terra products.

The reason behind the absence (N/A) of some instruction manuals is the ongoing process of (legal) adaptation(s). Rest assured that we are working diligently to resolve this matter and make the instruction manual(s) available to you as soon as possible. Our team is actively engaged in the adaptation process, and we expect to have the updated instruction manual uploaded to our website in the very near future.

“A comprehensive collection of instruction manuals”


Bearded Dragon Starter Kit PT3836 EU / NA

Dart Frog Terrarium PT2745 EU / NA

Leopard Gecko Starter Kit PT3837 EU / NA

Screen Terrarium Large X-Tall PT2679 EU / NA

Screen Terrarium Medium X-Tall PT2678 EU / NA

Screen Terrarium Small Tall PT2676 EU / NA

Screen Terrarium Small X-Tall PT2677 EU / NA

Terrarium Cabinet Large PT2708 EU / NA

Terrarium Cabinet Medium PT2707 EU / NA

Terrarium Cabinet Small PT2706 EU / NA

Tree Frog Terrarium PT2746 EU / NA


Compact Top Large PT2228 EU / NA

Compact Top Medium PT2227 EU / NA

Compact Top Mini PT2225 EU / NA

Compact Top Nano PT2224 EU / NA

Compact Top Small PT2226 EU / NA

Day & Night LED Large PT2336 EU / NA

Day & Night LED Small PT2335 EU / NA

Deep Forest PT2409 EU / NA

Forest Canopy PT2411 EU / NA

Full Moon PT2360 EU / NA

Glow Light Large PT2056 EU / NA

Glow Light Medium PT2054 EU / NA

Glow Light Small PT2052 EU / NA

Light Dome Large PT2057 EU / NA

Light Dome Small PT2055 EU / NA

Monsoon Multi II PT4201 EU / NA

Monsoon Solo II PT4200 EU / NA

Reptile Dome Large PT2349 EU / NA

Reptile Dome Nano PT2361 EU / NA

Reptile Dome Nano with Bracket PT2362 EU / NA

Reptile Dome Small PT2348 EU / NA

Scorpion Light PT2365 EU / NA

Solar Glo Wide Beam 125W PT2192 EU / NA

Solar Glo Wide Beam 160W PT2193 EU / NA

Solar Glo Wide Beam 80W PT2334 EU / NA

TerraSky PT2413 EU / NA

Turtle UVB Fixture PT2234 EU / NA

Wire Light Large PT2062 EU / NA

Wire Light Small PT2060 EU / NA​


Ceramic Heater 100W PT2046 EU / NA

Ceramic Heater 150W PT2047 EU / NA

Ceramic Heater 250W PT2048 EU / NA

Ceramic Heater 25W Nano PT2042 EU / NA

Ceramic Heater 40W PT2044 EU / NA

Ceramic Heater 40W Nano PT2043 EU / NA

Ceramic Heater 60W PT2045 EU / NA

Heat Cable 15W PT2011 EU / NA

Heat Cable 25W PT2012 EU / NA

Heat Cable 50W PT2013 EU / NA

Heat Mat 16W PT2017 EU / NA

Heat Mat 16W PT2018 EU / NA

Heat Mat 4W PT2015 EU / NA

Heat Mat 8W PT2016 EU / NA

Heat Wave Rock Large 15W PT2004 EU / NA

Heat Wave Rock Medium 10W PT2004 EU / NA

Heat Wave Rock Small 5W PT2004 EU / NA

Thermostat & Hygrostat 600W PT2464 EU / NA

Thermostat 100W PT2456 EU / NA

Thermostat 300WPT2457 EU / NA

Thermostat 300W PT2461 EU / NA

Thermostat 600W PT2454 EU / NA

Thermostat 600W PT2459 EU / NA

Thermostat 600W PT2463 EU / NA

Turtle Heater – 25W PT3700 EU / NA

Turtle Heater – 50W PT3702 EU / NA

Turtle Heater – 75W PT3704 EU / NA


Combometer PT2470 EU / NA

Digital Hygrometer PT2477 EU / NA

Digital Thermometer PT2472 EU / NA

Incubator Pro PT2444 EU / NA

Infrared Thermometer PT2474 EU / NA

Turtle Feeder PT3815 EU / NA


Aztec Waterfall PT3164 EU / NA

Dripper Plant Large PT2492 EU / NA

Dripper Plant Small PT2490 EU / NA

Pebble Waterfall Large PT2914 EU / NA

Pebble Waterfall Medium PT2912 EU / NA

Pebble Waterfall Small PT2910 EU / NA

Reptile Fountain PT2814 EU / NA


Fogger PT2080 EU / NA

Monsoon Multi II PT4201 EU / NA

Monsoon Solo II PT4200 EU / NA

Repti Clear F150 PT2095 EU / NA

Repti Clear F250 PT3610 EU / NA

Repti Clear F350 PT3620 EU / NA

Repti Flo 200 PT2090 EU / NA

Repti Flo 250 PT3600 EU / NA

Repti Flo 350 PT3602 EU / NA

Turtle Cliff Large PT3655 EU / NA

Turtle Cliff Medium PT3655 EU / NA

Turtle Cliff Small PT3655 EU / NA

Turtle Filter FX-200 PT3630 EU / NA

Turtle Filter FX-350PT3640 EU / NA

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