Vista 120

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Vista 120

Panoramic Natural Terrarium

  • Bent front corner glass for panoramic viewing
  • Increased dwelling space
  • Adjustable front window ventilation
  • Easy accessible top & front
  • Lockable dual doors for escape-free access
  • Removable front-opening doors
  • Hinged lockable screen cover to prevent escape
  • High-quality black anodized stainless steel mesh
  • Self-closing inlets for wire/tubing
  • Monsoon ready
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Raised bottom frame
  • PVC back panel
  • Limited shipping dimensions & building time

The Exo Terra Vista Panoramic Natural Terrarium is an innovative habitat, designed to provide unparalleled viewing experiences and optimal living conditions for your reptiles or amphibians. Crafted with bent glass front corners, the Vista terrarium boasts a striking 180° panoramic viewing capability.

The increased dwelling space of the Vista Terrarium offers numerous advantages for the physical and psychological well-being of reptiles and amphibians. The increased space allows you to create diverse microhabitats within the terrarium, including different temperature gradients, humidity levels, and hiding places. This allows your animals to self-regulate within their microenvironment and find their preferred comfort zones. A more spacious and varied territory promotes the expression of natural behaviors, encourages exercise and mental stimulation, reduces territorial aggression, supports social interaction, and thus ultimately improves overall health and quality of life for your animals.

The Vista’s signature adjustable front window ventilation not only ensures a steady upward flow of fresh air into the terrarium, it also assists you in regulating both temperature and humidity levels within the terrarium. The improved air circulation is crucial for the respiratory health of reptiles and amphibians, and helps keep the front glass free of condensation, even in humid conditions.

The Vista Terrarium, designed with convenience and security in mind, features easy accessibility from both the top and front. The removable and lockable dual front doors can be opened separately, allowing hassle-free access for maintenance and feeding reducing the risk of escape. The hinged, high-quality black anodized stainless steel top ventilation allows for UVB and infrared penetration and is completely removable for easy access while performing decorating or maintenance tasks. Furthermore, the hinged screen cover can be locked, ensuring superior security and preventing any chance of escape.

The Vista Terrarium is equipped with three self-closing wire or tubing inlets on both sides, facilitating easy installation of various accessories within the enclosure. Additionally, it includes monsoon nozzle mounting points, facilitating the setup of an automatic misting system.

Constructed with a waterproof bottom, the Vista enables the use of both dry or bioactive substrates. Additionally, it facilitates the incorporation of water features within the substrate section.

The raised bottom frame of the Vista provides a convenient and secure platform for the effortless mounting of a Heat Mat. This feature enables the creation of optimal temperature gradients within the environment, ensuring the comfort and well-being of your animals.

The Vista Terrarium features a lightweight PVC back panel, providing superior insulation properties compared to glass. The lightweight PVC back panel, along with the Vista’s limited shipping dimensions and quick assembly time, facilitates both transportation and setup.

Whether you’re a seasoned reptile enthusiast or a beginner, the Vista Panoramic Natural Terrarium offers a premium habitat solution that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Available in 4 sizes:
PT2586 – Vista 60 – Panoramic Natural Terrarium (Flat-packed) – 60x45x45cm / 24″x18″x18″ (5mm glass)
PT2587 – Vista 90 – Panoramic Natural Terrarium (Flat-packed) – 90x45x45cm / 36″x18″x18″ (5mm glass)
PT2588 – Vista 120 – Panoramic Natural Terrarium (Flat-packed) – 120x60x45cm / 47″x24″x18″ (5mm glass)
PT2589 – Vista 120XL – Panoramic Natural Terrarium (Flat-packed) – 120x60x60cm / 47″x24″x24″ (5mm glass)


1 x Terrarium Base
1 x Panoramic glass panel (right)
1 x Panoramic glass panel (left)
1 x PVC back panel
1 x Terrarium upper frame
1 x Terrarium black anodized Stainless Steel (304) mesh cover
1 x Terrarium door (right)
1 x Terrarium door (left)
12 x screws
1 x Screw driver

Dimensions (WxDxH)

120 X 60 X 45 cm

47 X 24 X 18 "


No condensation.

Safe and secure

Accessible & Secure.

Extremely Versatile


No Condensation.

The patented dual ventilation system keeps the front glass doors free of condensation, even in humid conditions. It creates a natural upward flow of air to ensure optimal and healthy conditions.

Accessible & Secure.

The all-glass Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium has dual front opening doors and a removable stainless steel screen top to allow easy access for cleaning, maintenance and feeding. The dual front opening doors come with a reliable locking-system to prevent unwanted or accidental opening to make sure your terrarium inhabitants remain safe and secure in their habitat. 



The Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium is a versatile and easily adaptable terrarium that can be used for various applications and set-ups; from a sterile housing to a state-of-the-art natural terrarium, from a desert terrarium to a tropical terrarium. The watertight bottom can be used for either deep layers of substrate, or to create a stunning Paludarium. Numerous accessories are available, especially designed to customize the Exo Terra® Natural Terrarium. These accessories enable you to create the perfect environment for your reptiles and amphibians.