Equatorial Forest Floor 4QT – 4,4L

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Equatorial Forest Floor 4QT – 4,4L

Natural Equatorial Forest Substrate

  • 100% Natural
  • Multi layer substrate
  • Resembles natural forest floor
  • Keeps soil soft and moist
  • Allows your animals to hide
  • Nutritional substrate for live plants
  • Ideal for natural terrarium set-ups
  • Heat-treated and odor absorbing
  • Made from a sustainable resource
  • Can safely be composted

The Exo Terra Equatorial Forest Floor is a multi layer substrate that allows you to recreate the forest floor as found in natural equatorial forests.

The forest floor is one of the most distinctive features of the equatorial forest ecosystem. It usually consists of two major layers;

1. The top layer mainly consisting of fresh leaf litter
2. The base layer consists of rich organic matter – usually decomposed leaves & wood

The top layer consists of sun dried decorative Ardisia leaves from a sustainable resource. With this decorative top layer you can actually create the soft floor covering found in natural equatorial forests. The Ardisia leaves provide a soft layer for animals to burrow and cover their secret hideout. Most reptiles and amphibians forage the forest floor in search of food and water. The top layer covers the actual substrate underneath to facilitate its moisture retention and prevent the soil from drying out. These biodegradable Ardisia leaves are absolutely free of chemicals and can be safely composted in your garden.

The base layer consists of rich organic matter from sustainable ground coconut husk fiber. It is a 100% natural, ecological and biodegradable substrate with great hygroscopic properties. This base layer makes an ideal substrate to create natural planted terrarium set-ups for humidity-loving reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Its water retention, natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties promote plant growth in your terrarium. The unique coir pith used for the Exo Terra Equatorial Forest Floor consists of a mixture of short fiber and coco-peat grain sizes ranging from coarse granules to fine clumps resulting in improved soil drainage and healthy plant root aeration.

The top layer of Ardisia leaves keeps the base layer slightly moist, facilitating maintenance by functioning as a natural ecosystem where beneficial organisms will brake down waste products and thus reduce odors.

The Exo Terra Equatorial Forest Floor is heat-treated to reduce bacterial contamination.

Directions for use:
Spread 2-4” (5-10 cm) of the base layer on the terrarium floor. Water or mist the substrate according to the humidity level required. Place your decorative items in the terrarium, than cover the floor with the top layer of decorative Ardisia leaves. Use an Exo Terra Hygrometer to monitor the level. To increase air humidity in well-ventilated terrariums or those with very high humidity requirements, place an Exo Terra terrarium substrate heater underneath the terrarium. Spot clean the bedding on a daily basis, and completely replace with new bedding when necessary.

Made in China – Ardisia leaves (Ardisia sieboldii Miq – Country of origin China) & Coconut Husk Fiber (Cocos nucifera L. – Country of origin China)


4.4l - 4QT

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Increases Humidity

Increases Humidity.

Stimulates Natural Behavior

Stimulates natural behavior.

True To Nature

True to nature.

Increased Humidity

Increases Humidity.

Substrates in natural terrariums serve many functions and are not only there for decorative purposes. They play a very important role in the determination of the terrarium's microclimate. The Exo Terra® Coconut Substrates are ideal to create natural planted terrarium set-ups for humidity-loving reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates from tropical environments. The hygroscopic properties of the Exo Terra® Coconut Substrates regulate the terrarium’s relative humidity in a natural way by absorbing and slowly releasing moisture. Adequate relative humidity levels aid in shedding and help prevent respiratory infections.

Stimulates natural behavior.

The all natural Exo Terra® Coconut Substrates stimulate natural digging and burrowing behavior, and allow reptiles to shape firm nesting burrows similar to their shelters in nature. By slowly releasing moisture at night, the Exo Terra® Coconut Substrates stimulate the natural absorption of moisture by the reptile skin, so that dehydration in tropical animals is much less likely to occur. The unique size and shape of the particles discourage crickets to hide in the substrate.

Stimulate Natural Behaviour
True to Nature

True to nature.

This ecological substrate is the safest on the market for use with reptiles, frogs, salamanders and burrowing & digging animals. Because of the desalination process, these substrates are even safe to be used as a nutritional planting soil for live plants in a natural planted terrarium setup. The unique coir pith used for the Coconut Substrates consists of a mixture of short fibers and coco-peat grain sizes ranging from coarse granules to fine clumps resulting in improved soil drainage and aeration. This improved aeration promotes a flourishing population of beneficial, waste-reducing, nitrifying bacteria, and prevents root rot, making the Exo Terra® Coconut Substrates the safest choice for naturally planted terrarium setup.