Riverbed Sand

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Riverbed Sand

Aquatic Terrarium Substrate

  • Natural sand, no added dyes or chemicals
  • Creates a natural and attractive aquatic environment
  • Excellent substrate for aquatic turtles
  • Stimulates natural behavior
  • Also suitable as desert terrarium substrate

Exo Terra’s® Riverbed Sand is natural riverbed sand with no added dyes or chemicals. The sand has been sifted to remove impurities and to obtain a homogenous sand grain size.

Riverbed Sand is ideal for many types of aquatic turtles as it is their preferred substrate in the wild. Soft-shell turtles especially prefer the find sand for digging and burrowing. Other types of water and ground-dwelling reptiles, such as frogs and salamanders, will also benefit from Riverbed Sand because of its soft nature. A rough surface, such as gravel, can easily injure skin tissue. Riverbed Sand is very fine and can be easily secreted when ingested, unlike gravel or pebbles which can cause indigestion. Created over time in an African river, Riverbed Sand is extremely fine and round, making it an ideal and safe substrate for the aqua-terrarium.


4.5 kg - 10lb

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True To Nature

True to nature.

Stimulates Natural Behavior

Stimulates natural behavior.

Suitable above and below water.

True To nature

True To Nature.

The Exo Terra® Turtle Pebbles are smooth river pebbles that have rounded over time in fast moving rivers. Exo Terra® Aquatic Substrates consist only of natural pebbles and actual riverbed sand, and are an ideal and safe substrate for the aqua-terrarium or paludarium. The Exo Terra® Aquatic Substrates have been formed by the constant movement of river, resulting in the abrading and rounding of the pebbles and the quartz sand grains. The smoothness of the pebbles prevents injury to bottom dwelling or foraging turtles and other aquatic or semi-aquatic animals, while the dimensions of the pebbles prevent accidental ingestion.

Stimulates natural behavior.

The Exo Terra® Aquatic Substrates stimulate the natural digging and burrowing behavior of aquatic turtles as these are identical to their preferred substrates in the wild. Soft-shell turtles prefer the very fine riverbed sand for digging and burrowing, while various other aquatic turtles prefer smooth rounded river pebbles to play around with. Also other aquatic or semi-aquatic animals living in the riparian zone, such as frogs, newts & salamanders, but also smaller fish-eating snakes will benefit from our all-natural Exo Terra® Aquatic Substrates.

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Suitable Above & Below Water

Suitable above and below water.

With the Exo Terra® Aquatic Substrates you can create a natural looking paludarium or aqua-terrarium. Exo Terra® Aquatic Substrates consist only of natural pebbles and actual riverbed sand. The fine Riverbed Sand allows you to mimic a sandy riverbed, while the variations of colours and patterns of the Turtle Pebbles will allow you to landscape a stunning riverbed filled with natural river pebbles.