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The Exo Terra Cup Diets are nutritious food blends that are specially designed for growth and long term health of Geckos.. In the wild, Geckos feed primarily on mature fruits, nectar, pollen and flowers; but will occasionally hunt insects and other small prey. Due to their varied diet, a combination of natural fruits and appropriate amounts of protein were added to create a healthy diet with desirable texture for maximum acceptance.

Healthier Animals

Healthy animals.

Cup Diets

All-natural ingredients.

Cup Diets

Ready to eat.

Cup Diets
Cup Diets

Healthy Animals.

Exo Terra® Cup Diets are delicious reptile foods, carefully formulated to ensure proper growth and long term health by providing a complete and balanced nutrition. The Exo Terra® Cup Diets are available for the different growth stages of animals, to ensure that each growth stage receives the correct proportions of proteins and other essential nutrients necessary for healthy growth and development. The Exo Terra® Cup Diets consist of only premium ingredients, like natural proteins and plant- & fruit ingredients to provide a complete and healthy, daily nutrition. Exo Terra® Cup Diets combine all these natural substances in a single, easy to digest pellet, making it very convenient for the reptile hobbyist to provide all necessary nutrients to its animals. 

Easy to digest.

The Exo Terra® Cup Diets consist of only premium natural protein, plant and fruit ingredients, dehydrated in rotary drum dryers at high temperatures and extruded in state-of-the-art extrusion machines to  stabilize micro-nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It also makes proteins more digestible and improves the palatability of the combined ingredients.

Less Mess
Ideal Nighttime Heating

ready to eat.

The convenient, single-serve portions of the Exo Terra® Cup Diets offer a mess-free way to feed your animals, and are packaged to provide freshness and palatability with every feeding.

Cup Diets