Terrarium Mini Fan

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Terrarium Mini Fan

Silent Terrarium Mini Fan

  • Improves air circulation and increases air exchange
  • Simply flip fan position to adjust airflow direction
  • Prevents condensation & reduces stagnant fog
  • Helps mimic humidity cycles
  • Simulates fluctuating environmental conditions
  • Helps reduce temperature built-up
  • Prevents mold and fungi growth
  • Helps prevent respiratory infections
  • Prevents anaerobic bacteria from thriving
  • Easy to install & extremely versatile
  • Energy efficient, low-voltage 1W only!
  • Quiet, safe and reliable Terrarium Fan

The Exo Terra® Terrarium Mini Fan is a low-voltage, virtually silent-operating fan designed to enhance the ventilation in your serene terrarium environment, effectively minimizing stagnant air. The Mini Fan further improves air circulation, facilitating increased air exchange to provide your animals and plants with a continuous supply of fresh and healthy air. The increased air-flow not only safeguards your animals from respiratory infections but also mitigates thermal stress in plants, fostering enhanced nutrient uptake and promoting robust growth for a healthier plant environment within tropical terrariums.

The gentle airflow from the Mini Fan effectively prevents condensation and diminishes stagnant fog. This versatile device can be utilized continuously or programmed on a timer to replicate dynamic environmental conditions. Relative humidity in nature automatically increases during the night and decreases with the sunrise. This inherent fluctuation can be effortlessly mimicked using the Mini Fan. When the Mini Fan is not in operation, humidity levels automatically ascend, only to decline once the fan initiates ventilation. This proves particularly beneficial when employing a Humidifier to elevate relative humidity during the night. The Mini Fan then steps in during the morning hour to disperse any stagnant fog, effectively lowering humidity levels and preventing the growth of mold and fungi.

Ensuring ample ventilation not only prevents anaerobic bacteria from thriving in oxygen-deprived environments but also eradicates any unpleasant odors lingering in your terrarium.

The Mini Fan proves to be an excellent solution for alleviating temperature buildup, especially when utilizing a higher-powered heat source or during scorching summer days.

The extremely energy-efficient, 1W low-voltage Terrarium Mini Fan is safe, reliable and extremely versatile. Installing the Mini Fan is very easy, simply place the Fan on the terrarium screen, and the 4 pins will hold the Fan in place. This versatile Mini Fan offers the flexibility to either blow air into the terrarium or extract air from it, solely determined by the direction in which you position the fan on the Terrarium Screen. Position the Mini Fan precisely where your terrarium requires optimal ventilation, whether it’s at the front on the screen to prevent condensation on the windows, or at the back on the screen to eliminate stagnant air among your plants. The soft silicone cable will not interfere with the Mini Fan’s placement and the USB-A cable can be connected to any AC/DC-adapter.

The 9-blade Fan runs on a high-quality ball bearing system which ensures a quieter and more reliable operation.

Does not include an AC/DC-adapter.

PT3713 – Terrarium Mini Fan – Silent Terrarium Mini Fan

PT3633 – Terrarium Mini Fan – USB Terrarium Fan Adapter

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Increases Ambient Temperature.

Ideal Nighttime Heating

Ideal nighttime heating.

Deeper Heat Penetration

Deeper heat penetration.

Increases Ambient Temperature.

The FIR or far infrared heat rays emitted by the Exo Terra® Radiant Heaters will not only provide radiant heat, but will also provide conductive heat by heating up rocks or branches in the terrarium, similar to surfaces heated by the sun in their natural environment. With the Exo Terra® Radiant Heaters you can easily create basking areas because you can provide the heat directly where it is needed most. Because the Exo Terra® Radiant Heaters dot not convert any energy into visible light, the heating efficiency is 100%, making them highly energy efficient.

Ideal Nighttime Heating.

Reptiles are ectotherm and thus need a specific ambient temperature, in order to thrive. The Exo Terra® Radiant Heaters increase the ambient temperature and provide heat gradients for thermo-regulation. Because Exo Terra® Radiant Heaters do not emit any visible light, the long wave infrared heat produced by this emitter will not disrupt the animals day and night cycle, making it an excellent 24-hour radiant heat source for reptiles and amphibians. 

Deeper Heat Penetration.

The primary radiant heat, and secondary indirect conductive heat, of the Exo Terra® Radiant Heaters will allow your reptiles to thermoregulate their body temperature to achieve an optimal temperature for enhanced activity and healthy digestion of their food items. The Infrared heat radiation will aid cell growth, wound-healing, promote the immune system, protect against UV damage, and stimulate many other biological processes.