Jungle Tree Small

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Jungle Tree Small

Bendable Terrarium Tree

  • Bendable to fit any terrarium size
  • Ideal to create basking spots
  • Decreases distance to heat and UV bulbs
  • Soft surface for easy grip
  • Creates a 3-dimensional habitat
  • Perfect for chameleons, lizards, snakes and tree frogs

The Exo Terra Jungle Tree provides reptiles with an elevated basking area and increased 3-D dwelling space. The Jungle Tree enables your animals to get closer to the heat and UV emitting bulbs, maximizing UV- and thermoregulation. Reptiles and amphibians can use the Jungle Tree as a raised lookout as well as a safe sleeping spot, experiencing an increased feeling of safety and reduced overnight stress.

Dimensions (WxDxH)

3 X 3 X 45 cm

1.2 X 1.2 X 17.7 "

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Expanded Surface

Expanded surface area.

Bendable & Twistable

Bendable & twistable.

True To Nature

True to nature.

Habitat enrichment

Expanded Surface Area.

The Exo Terra® Vines are extremely realistic replicas of their natural counterparts, and can be used for decorative purposes as well as for enlargement of the 3-dimensional dwelling space for your arboreal animals. Unlike natural vines, the Exo Terra® Vines are bendable & twistable, so they will fit any terrarium size. Because natural vines often cannot be placed in the right spot, you can use Exo Terra® Vines, which can be bent and placed where it is most beneficial to your animals.

Bendable & twistable.

The Exo Terra® Vines are extremely flexible and can be bent and twisted to create a 3-dimensional dwelling space for your arboreal animals, exactly on the spots where they're needed most. With the Exo Terra® Vines you can establish basking areas in hard to reach places where this would be very difficult to achieve with natural vines.

Extended surface
True to nature

True to nature.

The non-toxic material used for the Exo Terra® Vines is sturdy and water-proof, and allows these Vines to be implemented in humid environments. The Exo Terra® Vines are ideal to increase the 3-dimensional dwelling space for your arboreal reptiles and amphibians in tropical planted terrariums and other humid environments.