Dragon Grub, not your average reptile food!

Dragon Grub, not your average reptile food!

Thomas Merckx
Exo Terra Communication Manager

Insects make up a big portion of the daily food intake of Bearded Dragons and other insect-eating reptiles. The Dragon Grub formula from Exo Terra is an enticing insect-based reptile food, specifically formulated for insectivorous reptiles and named with Bearded Dragons especially in mind. It features Black Soldier Fly larvae that are not only tasty to your reptiles; but are high in protein and very nutrient rich, with an ideal calcium to phosphorus ratio! This diet also contains natural plant and fruit ingredients enriched with vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients to ensure a happy, healthy reptile!

High Quality Ingredients!

Black Soldier Fly Larvae
• Natural source of protein
• Sustainable & sourced in Canada

Timothy Hay
• Natural source of fiber
• Supports digestive health

• Natural carbohydrate source
• Highly palatable

• Natural flavor enhancer
• High in flavonoids

• Calcium
• Beta Carotene
• Vitamin D3

Why Black Soldier Fly larvae?

Black Soldier Fly larvae are a natural food source for a variety of animals and, compared to regular feeder insects like mealworms and crickets, they offer a lot of important benefits for Bearded dragons and other insectivorous reptiles:

  • Naturally high calcium content
  • Ideally balanced Ca:P ratio, enhancing nutrient absorption and consequently weight gain and growth
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • High in protein
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Easily digestible
  • Highly palatable

All these advantages make reptiles fed with Black Soldier Fly larvae less susceptible to diet-related diseases (e.g. nutritional Metabolic Bone disease).

Sustainable origin

In the future, insects will be an important part of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly nutrition since they can be used as an alternative source of animal protein. Incorporating insects in animal food as an ingredient instead of conventional food ingredients has several advantages:

  • Insects have a short reproduction cycle
  • Production requires less surface
  • Environmentally friendly & sustainable: they can be fed with organic waste and require fewer resources

Dragon Grub is made in Canada and is the result of a joint effort between Exo Terra and Enterra – an organisation devoted to eliminating food waste and nutrition shortage through creation of renewable food sources for humans and animals. The sustainable Enterra process was developed in consultation with world-renowned environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki.


Hatchery: Under controlled conditions, Black Soldier Fly larvae are raised in Enterra’s unique farm facility in Langley, British Columbia (Canada). At any given time, millions of adult flies mate and reproduce, while the females lay eggs that hatch into larvae.

Feedstock: Enterra receives pre-consumer food waste from local food production and produce handling facilities that would otherwise end up in landfills, which the larvae feed on and convert into protein and good fat.

Harvesting: After a 2-3 week feeding cycle, the larvae are ready for harvesting, which involves a drying process to lock in the nutrition.

Quality Control: The dried larvae are transported to Hagen’s state-of-theart, privately owned pet food manufacturing facility in Montreal, Canada, where they are inspected, analyzed and tested prior to production to assure condition and quality.

Formulation: Once inspected, food specialists formulate specific recipes according to the dietary needs of juvenile and adult insect-eating reptiles. Each formulation offers a complete amino acid profile, incorporating a mix of vitamins, minerals and quality proteins to offer a balanced and healthy diet.

Processing: After formulation, the mixed ingredients are extruded in small batches and converted into a food format that is both palatable and easily digestible for insectivorous reptiles.

Final inspection: The finished foods are packaged and coded with a batch number and date to provide added quality assurance and traceability. Each individual package is then passed through a Loma System X5C X-ray scanning machine (which can detect metal, glass, plastic and bone) before finally leaving the facility.

Daily Diet

Exo Terra Dragon Grub is a delicious daily diet for Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx, and many other reptile species. The diet is carefully formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition.

The extrusion process guarantees that each pellet contains Black Soldier Fly larvae protein as well as natural plant and fruit ingredients to provide the complete daily nutrition your animals need. Dragon Grub is also fortified with optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids so no other food supplements are required.

These foods come in 2 varieties, juvenile or adult, and two sizes, 4.4 oz (125g) or 8.8 oz (250g). The composition of the two varieties is based on their natural diet. Juvenile Bearded Dragons require a higher proportion of proteins (insects) to stimulate growth while adults prefer a diet higher in plant matter.

Feeding Guide:

Feed every morning slightly more food than one Bearded Dragon can eat in a day, and allow easy access. Remove any uneaten food and clean the dish at the end of each day. Provide a separate feeding and drinking station for each individual animal housed in the same enclosure. Have fresh and clean water available at all times. Tip: Exo Terra Dragon Grub can be moistened with water, fruit or vegetable juice before feeding to increase palatability, as some bearded dragons are more likely to accept softer, soaked pellets.

Nutrition Topics

Supplements: a crucial food component

Supplements: a crucial food component

Reptiles and amphibians have specific nutritional requirements that need to be met to ensure their overall health and well-being. One crucial aspect of their diet is the inclusion of added vitamins and minerals (e.g. electrolytes). These essential nutrients play a vital role in supporting various physiological processes and preventing deficiencies or imbalances that could lead to serious health issues.



Providing treats to your reptiles and amphibians offers several benefits. Keep in mind though, treats should only be given occasionally and in moderation. Too many treats can lead to nutritional imbalances or health issues, so they should never replace the regular balanced diet. Preferably, they should mimic the natural diet as closely as possible. 

Vitamin D3 and Reptiles: A Vital Connection

Vitamin D3 and Reptiles: A Vital Connection

Vitamin D3 plays a vital role in the health and well-being of reptiles, much like it does in other animals. This hormone is integral to mineral metabolism and bone development in reptiles. One of its most significant roles is to enhance calcium absorption from the intestines. Without sufficient vitamin D3, reptiles couldn’t absorb dietary calcium efficiently, which is crucial for their skeletal health and overall well-being.

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