Reptile Research / Réunion Island 2006


The goal of the Exo Terra expedition to Réunion Island in 2006 was to study the distribution of the different endemic Phelsuma species of this French overseas department. The East coast of this island was thoroughly examined in order to document the variety of Phelsuma borbonica subspecies and to define the exact borders of this genus.

The region between the capital Saint Denis in the North and Saint Joseph in the South was explored and data from the different colour forms were collected. The exact range of the rare Phelsuma inexpectata that was only known to inhabit Manapany- les-Bains, a restricted area on the most Southern point of this island, was mapped. In addition, various data including altitude, temperature, humidity and rainfall were gathered for these two regions.

The invasive species, which live mainly on the West coast, will be studied at a later date.

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3rd discovery of a new species during Exo Terra expedition