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Exo Terra Iguana Food is an Iguana diet formulated to ensure proper nutritional levels for growth and long term health. The formula provides a complete and balanced diet for all iguana species and other herbivorous reptiles. All ingredients have been carefully selected for their quality and digestibility and no artificial colouring or flavour is added. Exo Terra Iguana is fortified with optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids so no other food supplements are required.

The pellet foods are available in two formulas; Juvenile and Adult. The special juvenile formula is higher in protein to promote growth and the adult formula is higher in fiber to ensure proper nutrient absorption.

Iguana Juvenile and Adult
  • Improved availability of nutrients
  • Greater digestibility and palatability
  • Stays fresh longer!
  • Protected from light
  • Zipper bag for extended shelf-life after opening
  • Locked-in aromas and flavour
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

The line of Exo Terra extruded pellet foods were developed with digestibility and optimal species specific nutrition in mind. The foods are packed in non-transparent bags to keep the food fresh and lock in the natural aromas and flavours.
The 'Nutrition Protect' bag is more economical and environmentally friendly (less waste) than bulky plastic containers and it shields the foods from light which prevents vitamins and nutrients from deteriorating.

Extruded Food

Extrusion is a process where friction and pressure is combined within an extruder barrel to create extreme heat. The heat is then used to rapidly cook and preserve the proteins and carbohydrate ingredients. This process improves the availability of these nutrients to reptiles and increases the digestivity and ensures palatability.

Nutrition Protection

A number of nutrients are subject to deterioration when exposed to light. The 'Nutrition Protect' bag prevents light from penetrating, maintaining the nutritional value of the food at its maximum level. All vitamin B's, including Folic Acid (leafy greens) are destroyed after light exposure within a week, e.g. when packed in a plastic transparent container. Light will also discolour the food items, promote the deterioration of the binders and activate enzymes prematurely. The "Nutrition Protect" bag also locks in aromas and flavours.
The zipper allows storage after opening with a reduced air-gap, prolonging the food's nutritional values and keeping the flavour and aroma inside.
All bags are CO2 flushed, preventing contamination with harmful bugs.

PT1915 Adult Iguana Food 325 g 11.4 oz
PT1910 Juvenile Iguana Food 325 g 11.4 oz

PT1915: Not available in France.

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