Herp Flashlight

Portable LED Flashlight

  • Perfect for field herping or terrarium viewing
  • Powerful 10W CREE LED Light Beam
  • Variable beam adjustment up to 200m
  • Water & shock resistant
  • Black anodized aluminum body
  • Pocket sized
  • 5 different modes: high – medium – low – strobe – SOS

The Exo Terra Herp Flashlight complements every nature explorer’s equipment arsenal. This portable Flashlight can be used to explore the natural environments of reptiles and amphibians at night, or in areas that are poorly lit. The LED light torch is an excellent tool for field herping and night hiking, or viewing animals in their terrarium at night. The body’s textured surface ensures a tight grip, while the easy zoom feature can be adjusted single handedly to focus the light beam on a desired object.

Herp Flashlight
PT2469 Herp Flashlight

Instruction Manual (PDF): NA / EU

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