Nactus Award 2006 / Results

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On behalf of Exo Terra, I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 2006 Nactus Award is Mr. Brian Rasmussen, Randers, Denmark.

This award-winning photograph was selected by our on-line voters as their overwhelming favourite.

As the winner, Mr. Rasmussen will be accompanying the Exo Terra expedition to Gabon as the team's official photographer. In addition, his photograph, along with the other 11 finalists will be published in the 2008 Exo Terra calendar.

At this time, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the contestants. Our panel of judges found it quite a challenge to select only 12 finalists from amongst the hundreds of amazing, high quality reptile and amphibian photographic entries that were received.

Of course we owe a big "thank you" to our on-line voters. The 2006 Nactus Award would not have been the huge success it was if it weren't for the thousands of people who took the time to visit the Exo Terra web site to view, and vote for, their favourite nominee.

We are now concentrating on the 2007 Nactus Award competition. Details on the 2007 Exo Terra Herpetological Photography Contest will be appearing in future issues of the Exo Terra Newsletter.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated.
Emmanuel Van Heygen,
Exo Terra Product Manager


Nominees thumbnails Photo 6 photo11 Photo 9 Photo 5 Photo 12 Photo 10 Photo 4 Photo 3 Photo 8 Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 7

1) Tony Gamble, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA - Hyla biobeba
2) Brian Rasmussen, Randers, Denmark - Bothriechis schlegelii
3) David Northcott, Canyon Country, California, USA - Basiliscus plumifrons
4) Jose Manuel Garrido Halcon, Seville, Spain - Salamandra salamandra
5) Jelger Herder, Nijmegen, the Netherlands - Rana arvalis
6) Aleksandar Vishemirski, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia - Chamaeleo calyptratus
7) Tarl Vetter, Derby, Kansas, USA - Uroplatus sikorae
8) Ashley Phillips, Huntsville, Alabama, USA - Ahaetulla prasina
9) Shawn Heflick, Palm Bay, Florida, USA - Agalychnis craspedopus
10) Michael D. Kern, Palo Alto, California, USA - Corallus hortulanus
11) Michael Bromm, Vancouver, Canada - Plethodon vehiculum
12) David Cline, Auburn, Alabama, USA - Rana catesbeiana

Voting results

Voting results
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