Nactus Award 2005 / Results

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Mr. Michael D. Kern, winner of the 2005 Exo Terra Herpetological Photography Competition, was presented with the prestigious Nactus award in a special ceremony held on December 4, 2005 at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels.

Mr. Emmanuel Van Heygen, product manager for Exo Terra, presented Mr. Kern with the 1.5 kg statuette. Mr. Kern, who resides in Palo Alto, California, is an avid reptile enthusiast with a life-long interest in photography. As the winner of the Nactus award, Mr. Kern accompanied the Exo Terra Expedition to Uganda as the team's official photographer.

In addition, his winning photograph, along with the other 11 finalists will be published in the 2007 Exo Terra Nactus Award Calendar.

Mr. Michael Kern

Left: Mr. Kern receives the Nactus Award from Exo Terra Manager Emmanuel Van Heygen
during a ceremony in Brussels, Belgium.
Right: The Nactus Award winner photographing a chameleon in Uganda as the team's official photographer.

Contestants from around the world were invited to submit their photographic entries online to Exo Terra. A team of five judges then selected 12 finalists from amongst the over 600 entries received.
The 12 nominated photographs were then posted to the Exo Terra website where public voting determined the winner.

It was a tough job to select just 12 nominees from amongst the hundreds of amazing, high quality reptile and amphibian images received from people around the world. Photograph selection was based on the following criteria: aesthetic appearance, adherence to contest rules, relation to the theme, originality, and quality. The judges also took into consideration that not all subjects were photogenic or easy to photograph.

Thanks to the overwhelming support and interest from all the contestants, the 2005 Nactus Award was a gigantic success!

Emmanuel Van Heygen,
Exo Terra Product Manager


Nominees thumbnails Photo 6 photo11 Photo 9 Photo 5 Photo 12 Photo 10 Photo 4 Photo 3 Photo 8 Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 7

1) Miss Celia Chien, Covington, US - Phrynohyas resinifectrix
2) Mr. Christiaan Varkevisser, Hellevoetsluis, NL - Calotes calotes
3) Mr. Michael Kern, Palo Alto, US - Epicrates cenchria cenchria
4) Mr. Todd Hoggan, Idyllwild, US - Hyla cadaverina
5) Mr. Benny Trapp, Wuppertal, DE - Chamaeleo africanus
6) Mr. Lawrence Worcester, Maidstone, GB - Phelsuma andamanensis
7) Mr. ;Aleksandar Visemirski, Skopje, MC - Chamaeleo calyptratus
8) Mr. Gérard Jakubowicz, Thisnes, BE - Testudo hermanni boettgeri
9) Dr. James Yanchunis, Dade City, US - Rana catesbeiana
10) Mr. Shawn Heflick, Palm Bay, US - Leptophis ahaetulla
11) Mr. Justin Hofman, Santa Cruz, US - Hyla cadaverina
12) Mr. Michael Kern, Palo Alto, US - Fucifer pardalis

Voting results

Voting results
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