Exo Terra Expeditions / Exploring the Reptile World

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In contrast to other animal groups, reptiles and amphibians are neglected subjects for expedition studies. Very few reptile communities have been adequately documented with respect to their ecological behaviour. A carefully conducted study lasting just a few weeks can make a very significant contribution to the pool of scientific knowledge for most species of lizards, snakes and amphibians. Due to the fact that reptiles and amphibians are neglected groups, their conservation is often overlooked as well. Important sites with rare species or assemblages are destroyed or modified in detrimental ways, simply because of the lack of knowledge and data. Conservation strategies rely on baseline biological data that is often missing for these groups.

The data collected during the Exo Terra Expeditions contribute to the scientific and conservation communities, broadening our knowledge and assuring the future of reptiles and amphibians. A better understanding of their behaviour in the wild enables our research and development teams to get a better understanding of their needs and captive maintenance.

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3rd discovery of a new species during Exo Terra expedition