Expedition 2007 - Gabon / Primal Africa

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There is still a place on earth where chimps lope through jungle shadows within earshot of the pounding surf, where without moving your feet you can see sea turtles, whales, crocodiles, chameleons and elephants, primal forest, shimmering mangroves, manicured savannahs, palm-studded salt marsh, endless lagoons and white beaches! Gabon emanates the mood of equatorial Africa in its wild state, frozen in time, the only remaining example how tropical Africa once was...
The Exo Terra expedition team returned safely from this piece of primal Africa in search an unknown herpetofauna. On a single evening, the team was able to find all three occurring species of crocodile. In Ivindo a new species of gecko was discovered.

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Watch the Gabon Expedition movie or download it to your iPod or iPhone. Also, check-out the beautiful images or read about the expedition in the journal.

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3rd discovery of a new species during Exo Terra expedition