Expedition 2006 - Madagascar / The Bamboo Expedition

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All members of the Exo Terra Expedition Madagascar 2006 returned home safely after three weeks of intense field research in the jungles and bamboo forests of North Western Madagascar.

After the discovery of a new species of day gecko (Phelsuma vanheygeni) by Exo Terra Manager Emmanuel Van Heygen in 2004 during the Exo Terra Expedition Madagascar 2004, many questions were left unanswered regarding the distribution range, behaviour and ecology of this remarkable discovery. In order to find answers to these questions the Exo Terra team returned to the area in June 2006.

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Watch the Madagascar Expedition movie or download it to your iPod or iPhone. Also, check-out the beautiful images or read about the expedition in the journal.

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3rd discovery of a new species during Exo Terra expedition