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Christopher V. Anderson

"After 11 years of using screen sided enclosures to house my chameleons, I decided to try Exo Terra Glass Terrariums in 2008 and I’ve never looked back. Their built in front window ventilation creates a chimney effect whereby fresh air is brought into the terrarium below the doors as the air already inside the terrarium rises out the screen top, thus providing adequate airflow for chameleons. Using these enclosures, I’ve seen my success rate with delicate live-born chameleon babies increase dramatically and the length of my daily care routine for all my chameleons has noticeably decreased because the higher humidity retention compared to screen enclosures reduces the misting requirements. From keeping pygmy chameleons and raising babies of all species in their smaller terrarium models, to keeping humidity-loving montane species in their medium sized models, and now larger species in their large and extra tall models, Exo Terra’s Glass Terrariums provide a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing enclosure for almost any chameleon species."

Christopher V. Anderson
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